Design philosophy

My design philosophy

You will only find my clothes in my shop and workspace at Trinity Buoy Wharf ,London

I have chosen not to sell through other stores, because I enjoy spending time with my customers, getting to know them and their style.

My starting point is often: "What's missing in my own wardrobe?"  My aim is to  design clothes that you will appreciate for many years. So my clothes are  timeless, well-made in every detail, and easy to mix-and-match.

I have my own take on sustainability too - re-using buttons, embroidery, zips and vintage fabrics I find on my travels .

Basically I do everything myself, from the first sketch to the final stitch. This gives me great freedom to develop ideas organically. It also gives me control over every detail, which fits well with my no compromise approach to fabric, colours and sillouette.

My clothes are priced as everyday luxuries - a little above high-street, but still affordable .

33 Trinity Bouy Wharf,London E14 0FL   Tlf +44 7553 125835   e-mail